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Premium Soap Flowers Starter Pack

Product code: sfsp-02
Price Units Price/Unit
Pinkwash 226,50 £ 1 226,50 £/Starter
Whitewash 226,50 £ 1 226,50 £/Starter
Greywash 226,50 £ 1 226,50 £/Starter
Bluewash 226,50 £ 1 226,50 £/Starter
Turquoise wash 226,50 £ 1 226,50 £/Starter


This Wholesale Premium Soap Flowers Starter Pack combines elegance, fragrance, and beauty perfectly. 

The centrepiece of this starter pack is the stunning Albasia Bathroom Cabinet made of 100% Albasia wood by Indonesian Artisans from Bali. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this cabinet is available in five charming colours: 

- Whitewash (BCab-01), 

- Greywash (BCab-02), 

- Bluewash (BCab-03), 

- Pinkwash (BCab-04), 

- or Turquoise wash (BCab-05). 

Choose the shade that best complements your shop aesthetic, and let the cabinet become a stylish focal point in your space.

The extensive collection of Luxury Soap Flowers in this starter pack offers a variety of captivating blooms, each with its unique character and scent. Delicately handcrafted, using only the finest ingredients. 

This starter includes: 

- 1x Albasia Bathroom Cabinet (BCAB)

- 4x Soap Flower Bouquet - Lavender Rose & Carnation (LSF-03)

- 3x Set of 9 Soap Flowers - Red Roses (LSF-07)

- 3x Set of 9 Soap Flowers - Pink Roses (LSF-08)

- 6x Set of 3 Soap Flower Heart Box - Lavender Roses (LSF-17)

- 1x Set of 24 Soap Flower Heart Box - Red Roses (LSF-19)

- 1x Set of 24 Soap Flower Heart Box - Pink Roses (LSF-20)

-2x Standing Soap Flower Bouquet - Red (SFB-02 )

-1 x Standing Soap Flower Bouquet - Blue(SFB-03)

- 1x Basket Soap Flower Bouquet - Pink (SFB-15)

- 1x Bouquet Petite Basket - Peaceful Pink (PSFB-03)

- 24x Soap Flower - Small Carnation Inc. display box (RRSF-01)

- 12x Soap Flower - Medium Carnation Inc. display box (RRSF-03)

- 1x Soap Flower Gift Bouquet - 13 Pink Roses - Heart (GSFB-05)

- 1x Soap Flower Gift Bouquet - 13 Cream Roses - Heart  - Round (GSFB-08)

Our Wholesale Premium Soap Flowers Starter Pack offer a lucrative opportunity. These eye-catching and luxurious products are in high demand, making them an excellent addition to boutiques, spas, gift shops, and more.

Origin China
Net weight 23Kg /Starter
Shipping weight 23,532Kg
Dimensions 120x66,7x40 (cm), 320,16L, 0,072Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients albasia wood, Glycerin, Dodecyl Sodium Sulfate, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DEA, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Parfum, Aqua, (+/- CI 19140, CI 42090, CI 18050, CI 47005, CI 16255, CI 14720, CI 45430)
Materials / Ingredients