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Starter Pack of 336 Jumbo Bath Bombs

Product code: JBB-St

Maximize your sales by adding this amazing Bath Bomb Starter Pack to you shop. You will a FREE tray of JBB Bath Bombs and a FREE Poster.  

The Starter Pack Includes: 

FREE JBB-04 16x Rose & Petals Bath Bomb

FREE JBB-Pst Set of Bath Bomb Posters

Jumbo Bath Balls - 180g

JBB-01 16x Peppermint & Tea Tree Bath Bomb

JBB-02 16x Five for Her Bath Bomb

JBB-03 16x Five for Him Bath Bomb

JBB-05 16x Yorkshire Violet Bath Bomb

JBB-06 16x Lavender & Seeds Bath Bomb

JBB-07 16x Ocean Bath Bomb

JBB-10 16x Party Girl Bath Bomb

JBB-11 16x Baby Powder Bath Bomb

JBB-12 16x Retro Bath Bomb

JBB-13 16x Tangerine & Grapefruit Bath Bomb

JBB-14 16x Coconut Dream Bath Bombs

JBB-15 16x Apple Pie & Custard Bath Bomb

JBB-16 16x Texas Dewberry Bath Bomb

JBB-17 16x Sweet Fennel & Jojoba Bath Bomb

JBB-19 16x Lemon Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

JBB-20 16x Hawaiian Mango Bath Bomb

Shea Butter Bath Bombs - 180g

SBB-01 16x Shea Butter Bath Bomb - Romance

SBB-02 16x Shea Butter Bath Bomb - Fig & Casis

SBB-03 16x Shea Butter Bath Bomb - Oriental Musk

SBB-04 16x Shea Butter Bath Bomb - Rasp & B'pepper

JBB-Gift 20x Gift Boxes for Bath Bomb (empty)

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Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 75Kg /piece
Shipping weight 71.412Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Attachment JBB-Poster
Materials / Ingredients