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Wholesale Molten Glass on Wood

Tips on How to Sell More Molten Glass on Wood

We would like to give you some useful advice on how you can improve your sales of Molten Glass on Wood. This product is now available to buy in higher quantities. Buy more for a lower price here.

Product Background

We have been supplying this product to retailers across Europe since 2018, with strong growth yearly. Ancient Wisdom was probably the first company to import this product by container load. We are proud to be one of the main EU importers of this product after encouraging artisans to develop a cost-effective production technique. Originally made with hand-blown glass on lumps of driftwood the product was beautiful but expensive.

The breakthrough came when Gamel wood (a by-product) rather than the limited availability of driftwood was used. This together with recycled glass, a larger scale production workshop, and bingo, a cost-effective beautiful gift was born.

These days many small factories are producing this type of product in and around Sukawatti in Bali. At AW, we work with two family businesses, one producing full-time for AW.

Wholesale Molten Glass on Wood
Molten Glass Candle Single Holder on Wood

Product Description. Features & Benefits 

Our tagline: Molten glass on wood brings the best of two worlds together.


  • Natural wood & recycled glass.
  • Available in a natural finish or with an arty whitewash finish.
  • Every piece is unique - your customers always buy one of a kind.
  • Many uses, from fish tanks to planters to art designs. 
  • Gift packed, smaller pieces are individually boxed and securely packed.


  • Your customers can select their own.
  • Makes an eye-catching display in store.
  • You can sell many add-on products. Eg Gemstone chips, floating candles, air plants, candle holders, lamps etc
  • Use as a terrarium, for succulent plants, your beach pebbles collection, air plants, as a sand or fairy garden.
  • Added value - some retailers make beautiful finished mini gardens and sell complete sets.
  • A fast-selling premium product. A gift anyone can appreciate. 


Whether you sell in-store or online there are plenty ways you can sell more..

Molten Glass on Wood - Large Bowl
Molten Glass Triple Candle Holder on Wood

Here's how:  In-store.. 

Display appropriately.

A large display shows enthusiasm for the product.  Use some pieces with plants, floating candles etc already made up. Think about one large piece as a centre-piece to your display such as the  Open Lrg Bowl - it’s large 20cm long

Molten Glass on Wood

AW has natural display stands made from recycled fishing boats that are perfect for making an impressive display. Appropriate lighting always helps. Ensure your staff have all the above information.

Deals suggestions:

Sell complete sets including plant or display materials.

Product knowledge

When chatting with customers, your sales staff can point out the spiritual nature of how humankind (the manufactured glass) can bend and mould to the shape of the natural world (the gamel wood) in perfect and useful harmony. 

Tricks of the trade.

Show your customers how the glass and wood fits together.

Here's how:  Online.. 

Use original pictures / videos

You are welcome to use AW pictures from our website, but google will give you better SEO juice if you use original content. Plus if your customers are comparing prices and see the same picture in different places it may work against you, and an original picture is easy to take with today's mobile phones and you can edit, add effects and make molten glass look cool. It's always better to show a product "in use" so show the pieces in a home or office setting. Don't forget to tag your pictures, here's how, so google can find pictures in searches.


More information..

Make use of the products and benefits (listed above). On a website or market place you have space to list more information and this is content that is good for SEO.


Offer Bundles & Deals

By offering bundles of 1 or 2 or more items you can offer value and the shipping cost is spread. Eg offer a bowl and a vase as a set. Also this takes you out of direct price comparison. You could offer free gemstone chips or floating candles. With a bit of imagination you can come up with a unique combination that gives you a competitive advantage. At AW you can be sure that we never compete with our customers (we are strictly B2B) so you should never face unfair competition. 


Work your social media & marketplaces

Your followers are a gold-mine, reaching out to your social media followers with original pictures and content can produce regular orders. Listing on retail marketplaces is a must, and don't forget at AW we offer a dropshipping service. Check AW-dropship.com

2x Molten Glass on Wood - Whisky Set

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2x Molten Glass on Wood - Candle Holder

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2x Molten Glass on Wood - Wine Decanter

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6x Molten Glass Tank on Wood with Stand - Small Bowl

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Molten Glass on Rare Parasite Wood

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