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Tips on How To Sell More Himalayan Salt Lamps & Candle Holders

Product Background

Ancient Wisdom has been supplying Salt Lamps to retailers across Europe since 2004, with strong growth year on year every year. They come from Pakistan, famously mined from under the Himalayan Mountains - the purest salt on earth. The area where the salt is mined is called Khwera and there are good and bad mines. Bad mines are unauthorised, have lower quality, and have poor safety records but very low prices. For us the choice was simple. AW cooperates with a family business managed by Rana - his raw salt comes from good, government-regulated mines.

Product Description. Features & Benefits

Our tagline: Create a warm atmosphere in your interior. 


  •  Natural Himalayan salt.
  •  Available in different colours, sizes and shapes.
  •  Every lump of salt is unique - your customers always buy one of a kind.
  •  A product that fits into any interior.
  •  Packed in decorative cardboard boxes, in a set with a bulb and a cable -   ready for sale.
  •  Available in special carton packs – buy more for lower prices.


  • Your customers can select their own.
  •  Makes an eye-catching display in store.
  •  Himalayan salt lamps can add an element of beauty and nature to any space.
  •  They could help create a relaxing atmosphere and limit light in the evening.
  •  It is believed that they clean the air and due to the emission of negative ions they partially neutralise. 
  •  The action of electromagnetic radiation and help to fight insomnia.
  •  You can sell add-on products from Himalayan salt, e.g. bath salts or candle holders.
  •  A popular and well-selling gift for everyone.


Whether you sell in-store or online there are plenty of ways you can sell more…

Quality Natural Salt Lamp - UK Plug - appx 2-3kg
Quality Natural Salt Candle Holder

Here's how:  In-store.. 

Display appropriately

A large display shows enthusiasm for the product.  Show your customers different shapes and colours, let them compare them. Think about one large piece as a centre-piece to your display such as the Quality Huge Natural Salt Lamp - apx 24-25Kg (Qsalt-39).

This product is ideal for sale during autumn/winter season, when it is the easiest to visualise the gentle light provided by the lamp.

Deals suggestions:

Sell sets with candle holders or add spare bulbs for free.

Product knowledge

Offer knowledge and expertise in knowing the product and its emotional value. When chatting with customers, your sales staff can emphasise the relaxing properties of the warm light of Himalayan lamps (‘like a warm sunset’). Create a leaflet describing how to care for the salt lamp.

Tricks of the trade

Let customers touch the lamps, lift them, and feel their weight. Suggest the right type depending on the interior in which the lamp is to be placed. Keep your lamps on to show their magic.

Here's how:  Online..         

Use original pictures / videos      

You are welcome to use AW pictures from our website, but Google will give you better SEO juice if you use original content. Plus if your customers are comparing prices and see the same picture in different places it may work against you. An original picture is easy to take with today's mobile phones and you can edit, add effects and make salt lamps look cool. It's always better to show a product "in use" so record a short video to illustrate how the lamp light looks in the dark. Don't forget to tag your pictures, so Google can find them in searches.

More information

Make use of the product's background and benefits (listed above). On a website or market place you have space to list more information and this is content that is good for SEO.

Offer bundles & deals

By offering bundles of 1 or 2 or more items you can offer value and the shipping cost is spread. Prepare a good deal, for example 2 + 1 for half price. Also this takes you out of direct price comparison. You could offer a free bulb or Himalayan bath salt. With a bit of imagination you can come up with a unique combination that gives you a competitive advantage. At AW you can be sure that we never compete with our customers (we are strictly B2B) so you should never face unfair competition.

Work your social media & marketplaces

Your followers are a gold-mine, reaching out to your social media followers with original pictures and content can produce regular orders. Listing on retail marketplaces is a must, and don't forget at AW we offer a dropshipping service. Check  AW-dropship.com.

4x Quality Natural Salt Candle Holder
RRP : £5.30/piece
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