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Ancient Wisdom - the largest Internet giftware wholesaler in the UK. There are over 10,000 product lines to discover.  If you have any requests, ideas or suggestions please please let us know.
Ideas here please.
Q1 > Why is there a minimum order at Ancient Wisdom?
A1 > The minimum order is in place to protect our retail customer by discouraging the general public. We do try and check company details but some members of the public are quite cunning. Our retail Customers understand this and most customers make orders of over £50 and are therefore not charged.  Gold reward members are not subject to the small order charge.

Q2 > What is the minimum order for Ancient Wisdom?
A2 > Minimum order is £50 before VAT and carriage. Any orders under £50 attract a £5 surcharge.

Q3 > How much will it cost me to have my order delivered?
A3 >Our standard carriage fee is £7.50 + VAT per order in the UK mainland. Orders over £175 + VAT qualifies for free shipping. Some areas of the UK such as British Isles, Northern Ireland and some remote parts of Scotland are £15 + VAT carriage cost.
For more information and for European orders please visit our  Worldwide Shipping/Delivery Page or or contact Export from customer service [email protected]

Q4 > Do you provide any kind of drop shipping service?
A4 > Yes we do. Please visit our Drop shipping page

Q5 > Is there any way I can become the only Ancient Wisdom distributor in my town/area?
A5 > No. This would be unfair to all those who lost out and impossible to police.

Q6 > How do I open an account with Ancient Wisdom?
A6 > We do not operate account in the standard way. All you have to do is register online or call us and give your business name and address and you are ready to order.

Q7 > What methods of payment do Ancient Wisdom accept?
A7 > We accept Paypal payments, credit / debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Solo, Amex) cheques*, bank transfers.
Please don’t send cash through the post, as we cannot be responsible if it is lost or stolen. We accept cash for showroom orders at our Sheffield site.

Q8 > My order was over £100 but I did not receive a bottle of wine, where is it?
A8 > Please check that it has been less then one month since your last order. If it is more then one month you are no longer a gold reward and do not qualify for a free bottle of wine / gift (alternative gift for customers outside UK).

Q9 > I placed an order on Friday afternoon/evening and did not receive it until Tuesday.
A9 > Orders placed after 5.30pm will not be processed until the following working day. Ancient Wisdom is closed after 5.30pm and at weekends. We do not offer Saturday delivery, as the charges are too high.
Please note that at busy times the delivery can take up to 3 working days, especially on orders placed later in the day.

Q10 > I am a private citizen, can I order from Ancient Wisdom?
A10 > No, Ancient Wisdom is trade only.

Q11 > I have a company in the United States and would like to order from Ancient Wisdom, can I?
A11 > We can accept orders from US but it is better if they are high value low weight items so we can send them by standard mail. Unfortunately carriage costs to the US at this time are very high and would make certain orders very expensive.
With use of our current courier company, we will give you a quote to let you know the approximate price of the shipment before payment.
You won't be charge VAT, but due to import of the goods, the customs may charge you import fees, also all the prices and payments are in pound sterling, if you need to know the price in US dollars, use
If you need any other information, please feel free to contact our export department.

Q12 > I would like to buy your products with my own company labels, do you provide this service?
A12 > We can provide this service on certain products such as Essential Oils but order would have to be sizable in order to make this cost effective.  Please contact [email protected]  with the amount you are interested in purchasing so we can advise. We do not provide any form of bag printing service at this time.

Q13 > Do I have to make an appointment to visit your showroom?
A13 > Yes, so showroom manager can give 100% attention. Call Luciana on 0114 2729 165 or send email to [email protected] 24 hours in advance to get an appointment.
Our showroom is open from 9am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays), last available appointment is 2pm.
*Please note that while we will try our best to pick an order for same day collection, this may not always be possible.

Q14 > You sell things in bulk but I only want to buy one item or pack, can I?
A14 > No, we sell things in bulk so that we can pass on savings to our customers and keep our prices down. Selling in single units means we will have to start opening packets and boxes, which means we will ruin a whole packet just to sell one item.

Q15 > Can I take your pictures from your web site for my own usage?
A15 > The Ancient Wisdom group of web sites are fully copyrighted. If you wish to use any of our pictures or any other media you are asked to put your request in writing and send it to us either by post or by email to here.  Only Ancient Wisdom customers will be allowed to use any media from our website under the condition that they will only be used to promote Ancient Wisdom products.

** Please note that it is illegal to use anything from our sites without our permission.**

Q16 > Are your products tested on animals or in any other way unethical?
A16 > Short answer: NO. Please see our Business Ethics Page for full details.

Q17 > I am an Ancient Wisdom customer and I would like data or COSHH sheets for your products, can you provide them?
A17 > Yes we can. In some cases it may take us a little while to provide data sheets but they are all available.
For MSDS sheets and other technical documents and certifications of Ancient Wisdom products please visit

Q1 > I am having troubles with Logging into my account. What to do?
A1 > Some browsers such as  AOL browser unfortunately doesn't support our website. We recommend to use Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. You can check what browsers you have in ‘All Programs’ on your computer. Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer can be downloaded for free if you don’t have them.

If you can’t login into your account or change  your password please check what browser you are using.  If you are using AOL browser and type in you will be redirected to Google webpage but you are still in AOL browser. Close  AOL browser and open Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer from ‘All Progrrams’ on you computer.

If you have an old browser you may need to update it (see instructions below).
However,  don’t hesitate to contact us  if you need some help (open Mon - Fri 9am - 5.30pm or e-mail us here).

Q2 >  I do not receive the email newsletter even though you have the correct email address on your database.
A2 > This is usually because of a spam filter. Try checking your spam mail box, you will probably  find the newsletter there. If it is there try clicking on it and making it ‘not spam’.
If you can’t find our newsletter in your spam mail box please try and sign up again here.
Q3 > I want to unsubscribe from your mailing list.
A3 > On the bottom of every email we send  is a link which gives you the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list.

Q4 > I am an AOL customer and I am having problems completing an order online, what can I do ?
A4 > This is a compatibility problem with the AOL browser. AOL browser unfortunately doesn't support our website. We recommend to use Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (see instructions below).

Q5 > I found an error on your site, where do I report it ?
A5 > We would be very grateful if you could report any problems you find with any of the site. We do try to  keep the site error free but with the site constantly expanding things do get missed. You can send us an email highlighting the problem here or call us on 0114 2729 165.

Q6 > I was told to update my browser. How do I do this?
A6a > Windows Users
Internet Explorer:
Please visit, to locate the latest version of Internet Explorer.
In your browser's menu, go to -
Help > Check for Updates
Or visit, to locate the appropriate updates.
In your browser's menu, go to -
Help > Check for Updates
Or visit, to locate the appropriate updates.

A6b > Mac Users
You can find and download the latest updates here.
In your browser's menu, go to -
Help > Check for Updates
Or visit, to locate the appropriate updates.
In your browser's menu, go to -
Help > Check for Updates
Or visit, to locate the appropriate updates.

My browser is not listed here. What do I do?

If you do not see your browser listed, please visit and search for instructions on how to update your browser.

Your question not answered here? Email us and we will answer as soon as possible.

If you have any suggestions for the site or anything else you can send them to David here.
Delivery is free on order over £175+vat (otherwise £7.50+vat) for UK mainland. Highlands and islands may carry an an additional charge.  There is a small order charge under £50+vat of £5. Other Terms & Conditions.

With your first orders over £100 + vat you will receive a first order bonus - worth over £100 (@RRP’s)..
Wholesale Gifts - First Order Bonus
Payment details are provided via a secure server.

Please note that any quantity discounts will not be shown on the shopping basket. However they will be applied to your final invoice.

Don’t forget you can order from different catalogues at the same time, your order will be automatically consolidated
(go on try it), we will pack and despatch altogether.

One invoice, one delivery and one delivery charge (if any). We like to reward regular customers, see Gold Reward below.
Wholesale Gifts - Gold Reward
Over 10,000 products to explore, a world of profitable trading opportunities. Please log-in or create an account above to get started.