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Wholesale Indian Giftware  

Here you can find all the wholesale Indian products. At AW we have been importing from India for over 20 years, always being careful to ensure that goods are produced by reputable companies that treat workers and contractors fairly. Almost every company receives a personal visit to ensure standards are good. Most of our suppliers are small family businesses that we are delighted to support over many years. Our man in India: Mr Chatterjee and now also his son Drishtanta are our on-the-ground agents ensuring quality and speedy deliveries. 

Mr Chatterjee has worked personally with AW for more than 12 years. He also owns a Cotton & Jute factory in Serampore near Kolkata. We have been importing 100% Indian cotton since 2010, so none of the cotton found in AW products originates from China. 

Close to the factory is a children's home for orphaned children. With the help of Mr Chatterjee, we are pleased to support and nurture that home and its children.

When you buy Indian wholesale products from AW you can be sure that not only you are buying as directly as possible, but also that the goods are traded fairly, and we do our bit to give something back. Thank you for your support.