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If you have ever fancied making your own incense cones then you have come to the right place. We have un-fragranced and un-coloured incense cones, when coupled with our 15% Diluted Fragrance Oil  or 100% Pure Fragrance Oil (should be diluted before use) you can make high quality incense just the way you want it. You can even put them in one of our specially designed Poly Bags.

This is handmade export quality incense from India, made naturally without chemicals.

Be warned this is a real craft workers job, you will have to discover your own methods of colouring (if required), fragrancing and packing incense to create your own unique product.  We don’t offer any instructions other than you have dip your incense in fragrance and then dry it out. There are plenty of craft-work sites and forums you can consult.  The raw incense cones or sticks cost a fraction of a penny each so your scope for profit with an original twist is just down to your imagination, creativity and hard work.
Wholesale Unfragranced Incense Cones
1x Raw Incense Cones - 7kg pack
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1x Raw Incense Sticks - 6kg pack
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