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Wholesale Crystals , Gemstones and other Esoteric Gifts

Welcome to the UK’s most popular crystals wholesale, tumble stones, gemstone, and Himalayan salt lamps supplier.  

If you are looking for bulk buy crystal, you are in the right place! Our wholesale crystals or "Stoneware" type gifts offers a large and growing range. Our buying team is working hard to bring you the best deals and the finest quality Crystal wholesale products.

We are honoured to be your main Wholesale Crystals supplier. If you have any questions or need information, please use the customer service contact below, we are there in the chat box and always happy to help you.  We love to chat. If you want to call us, the number is below on the footer.

For over twenty years we have been building and refining these crystal and gemstone gifts. Here, you will find many popular lines that can seriously boost your sales and profits. Find a new Best Seller here. Plus, of course, your customers will be absolutely delighted. 

At Ancient Wisdom, we have been a Direct Importer of gemstone items for over 20 years.  For example, we are one of the main Himalayan Salt Lamp importers in the UK. If you are looking for a smonething a bit different and unique you have come to the right place! Our Power Bracelets have been a top-selling line for years. Tumble Stones and Chip Stones remain very good sellers, but up-and-coming items like Gemstone Trees (from India) and beautiful Selenite (from Morocco) are currently trending.

In short, we absolutely love Crystals and work all the time to bring you the best from around the world.  Register today to join us and benefit from trading with AW. Remember we have a low minimum order, you are buying direct from a main importer, and Free Shipping is available.

To view our prices, simply register your business details. It's quick, and prices will then be displayed, and you can place your order online immediately even during bank holidays and weekends.

Seven reasons why you should stock Crystals & Gemstones in your store.

  1. Crystals and gemstones are massively trending, and there is high demand as more people become interested in alternative healing practices.
  2. Attractive profit margins. Check our prices.
  3. Unique gift items: Many people purchase as gifts for loved ones, unique and special gift items that can set your gift shop apart
  4. Cross-selling opportunities: Selling crystals can lead to opportunities, as customers may also be interested in items related to alternative healing practices, such as essential oils or incense.
  5. Enhance store ambience: Make your store magical! Crystals create an inviting and calming atmosphere that will draw customers and delight them.
  6. Positive energy: Many people believe that crystals have positive energy and help with physical and emotional ailments, producing a positive feeling for your gift shop.
  7. Get more repeat customers: Because crystals and gemstones are collectable items and used for healing. Customers will return to purchase more thus increasing sales.
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Wholesale Tibetan Singing Bowls

Offer your customers this exclusive selection and become a destination for those seeking harmony through sound

Best Sellers:

Gemstone Enchantment Lights - Rose Quartz

For wholesale price, login or register
Selenite Heart - 5-6 cm
RRP : £4.45
For wholesale price, login or register
Quality Natural Salt Lamp - UK Plug - appx 2-3kg
RRP : £19.80
For wholesale price, login or register

24x M Tumble Stone - Carnelian

For wholesale price, login or register

Extra Loud - Singing Bowl - One Buddha

For wholesale price, login or register

Join Ancient Wisdom today for access to the best wholesale crystals

Crystals and Gemstones are ancient wisdom distilled. If you don't already stock a good range of esoteric items then you are missing out on a hugely trending market. With our low minimum order and large range you will easy a new best seller to boost your sales and delight and satisfy your customers.  See your reviews below..

Information customer service contact. Please use WhatsApp or the chat box on the right.

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