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Exotic Incense Department

Welcome to Ancient Wisdom Wholesale Incense Department. 

Some jolly good reasons why you should sell incense in your shop or store.

A good display of Incense sticks, incense cones and incense holders make’s not only an exotic point of interest but creates a natural delightful aroma. This will draw customers attention and generate steady sales.

There are great margins to be made on wholesale incense: Typically a pack of incense costs around 25p and sells for around £1, but more importantly, you can sell all the incense paraphernalia as Incense holders.

Incense buyers are regular buyers. Since incense is a consumable, your customers will come back again and again. Most of our incense is imported from India and at Ancient Wisdom, we take the time to visit all the factories and ensure that workers and out-workers are not exploited.

Trading fairly is important, and you can be assured that the products you sell are actually helping to create meaningful employment in poor communities in India.

Please also consider our own Freedom Incense Brand. We have lots of brands to choose from and while a good selection is important it’s worth noting that Nag Champa incense is very popular and an essential item to stock. Finally, we always have some great deals and offers, so what are you waiting for?