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Ancient Wisdom Wholesale Nag Champa Incense

Tips on How To Sell More Nag Champa Incense

Product Background

We have been supplying Nag Champa incense to retailers across Europe since 2003, with strong growth year on year every year. Nag Champa was originally made in a factory in Bangalore in South India, now also made in other parts of India.  Some people claim that the best product still comes from the Bangalore factory. At AW we try our best to keep the original Bangalore product in stock. Probably the best-selling brand of incense sticks in the world. The characteristic scent comes from Champa flowers (magnolia family), combined with heavier musk and halmaddi tree resin. Most Nag Champa products are made with a base of sandalwood. 

In Indian and Nepalese monasteries Nag Champa has been used for centuries during rituals and ceremonies to purge the area of negative energies and create a perfect atmosphere for meditation. In Western culture, incense sticks gained popularity in the 1960s – Bob Dylan used to light them during his concerts. The blue packaging of Nag Champa became very recognizable when Satya Sai Baba, an Indian guru, took patronage over the product.  Nag Champa is probably the best-selling incense on the planet.

An essential incense product that every retailer should stock.

Product Description. Features & Benefits 

Our tagline: Nag Champa will soothe your body, mind and soul.


  • Traditional, hand-made products.
  • High quality brand.
  • Available in the form of sticks and cones.
  • Various fragrance blends to choose from, but the original Nag Champa has a distinctive and memorable fragrance that is well-loved. 
  • Best-seller, recognizable all over the world. 
  • Anyone who has travelled in India will be familiar with the blue Nag Champa.
  • Available in special packs – buy more for a lower price.


  • Your customers will often recognise the brand.
  • Perfect for home use, yoga studios, religious rituals, meditation and more. 
  • Nag Champa is believed to have many health and healing benefits, like purifying air, clearing negative energy and chakras, and helping us to relax and focus.
  • This incense can also be used as a room freshener.
  • The main ingredient of Nag Champa – sandalwood – is a natural aphrodisiac. 
  • Wonderfully exotic gift, enjoyable and uplifting.
  • You can sell add-on products, e.g. incense holders or burners.
AW Wholesale Nag Champa
Ancient Wisdom Wholesale Nag Champa


Whether you sell in-store or online there are plenty of ways you can sell more…

Here's how:  In-store...

Display appropriately

An interesting display shows enthusiasm for the product.  Keep it organized and clean. Customers will get your fragrances mixed up, but take a few moments to tidy it up again. Replace display materials like labels and signs when they get worn. Show the product in use - put the sticks in the holders and the cones in the burners. Backflow burners are especially spectacular - designed to create smoke that cascades downwards, pouring dramatically down with a stunning effect that will catch your customer's eye. 

Deals suggestions:

Sell sets with burners and holders

Product knowledge

Offer knowledge and expertise in knowing the product and its tradition. When chatting with customers, your sales staff can describe the ingredients the incense sticks are made of and give some titbits like the ones about Satya Sai Baba or Bob Dylan.

Tricks of the trade

Let customers know about the Nag Champa fragrance before they make a decision. Light the incense sticks or cones and let their scent enchant your customers from the moment they enter your store. Be ready to tell them what fragrance is burning. You can also prepare some samples they can take home.

Here's how:  Online…

Use original pictures/videos

You are welcome to use AW pictures from our website, but Google will give you better SEO juice if you use original content. Plus if your customers are comparing prices and see the same picture in different places it may work against you. An original picture is easy to take with today's smartphones. You can easily edit, add effects and make Nag Champa incense look cool. It's always better to show a product "in use" so record a short video to illustrate how spectacular  Nag Champa cones used in backflow burners can be. Don't forget to tag your pictures, so Google can find them in searches.

More information

Make use of the product's background and benefits (listed above). On a website or market place you have space to list more information and this is content that is good for SEO and very helpful for customers. 


Offer bundles & deals

By offering bundles of 1 or 2 or more packs you can offer value and the shipping cost is spread. Prepare a good deal, for example, 2 + 1 for free. Also, this takes you out of direct price comparison. You could offer burners or holders half-priced. With a bit of imagination, you can come up with a unique combination that gives you a competitive advantage. At AW you can be sure that we never compete with our customers (we are strictly B2B) so you should never face unfair competition. 


Work your social media & marketplaces

Your followers are a gold mine, reaching out to your social media followers with original pictures and content can produce regular orders. Listing on retail marketplaces is a must, and don't forget at AW we offer a dropshipping service. Check aw-dropship.com

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