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Tips How To Sell More Power Bracelets  

Product Background 

We have been supplying this product to retailers across Europe since 2017, with strong growth year on year every year. Even during the depth of the pandemic when homeware items dominated, this particular jewellery item sold well when other jewellery items slowed up. Now as people venture out and dress up again the sales of jewellery generally is improving but Power Bracelets are super resilient.  For example UK  sales are up 288% on the same period last year.

As major buyers of this product AW has a competitive edge whilst prices have increased we remain confident that like for like our wholesale price is good. Fun fact, as an importer this product is often targeted by customs officers, they accuse us of under invoicing to avoid tax (something we never do) and ask us to explain how the price can be this low. The reason is that gemstone beads can be made from off-cuts of larger pieces that otherwise would be wasted.

Produced in China by a family business in Zhejiang province in an area specialising in gemstone items. Gemstones arrive from all over the world and are traded between artisans. The boss is a lady called Tina producing exclusively for AW and working hard to maintain quality and value aiming to grow the business just like you.. 

Product Description. Features & Benefits

Our tagline: Add a little arm candy to your store. There are a variety of beautiful gemstones.

Power Bracelets are a best seller in most stores. 

12 designs so your customers can find the perfect one, designs for both male and female and some are unisex.

Each design with a different stone has a tag that describes the traditional "power" of that gemstone.  One size fits all. Don't worry about them fitting your customers as they stretch.

Quality elastic these bracelets don't wear out and break, your customers can wear them for years without a problem.

Stackable & collectable, your customers can wear several or combine with other bracelets to design their own particular style. Or pick colours to match outfits.

Power Bracelet Starter Pack available. Contains 4 of each design (so your customers have great choice)  and in effect you could get the display box to help you display and sell more.

Whether you sell in-store or online there are plenty ways you can sell more..

Wholesale Power Bracelets
Tips How To Sell More Power Bracelets

Here's how:  In-store..

1. Display appropriately.

An innovative display shows enthusiasm for the product.  Think how you can grab attention with something appropriate, Branch Jewellery Stands or natural tree branches might work for you. In any event good lighting and plenty of stock will help. Consider the position within the store, a good selling item should be on the left side from your customers point of view.

By the till as a pick-up line can work well, depending on your store style. 

Comparative pricing: Try a related but more expensive gemstone item nearby in order to set price expectation, and then your Power Bracelets will feel good value.

Deals suggestions: Buy 4 get the cheapest free (make sure you do your sums carefully to protect your margin).

2. Product knowledge

When chatting with customers, your sales staff can point out the Ancient Wisdom powers of the gemstones. 

Amethyst - Calmness & Clarity

Moss Agate - Awaken Talents

White Jasper -  Peace & Friendship

Black Agate - Strength & Protection

Rose Quartz -  Love & Reconciliation

Tiger Eye - Overcoming Fear

Blood Garnet - Bringing Passion

Opalite - Wisdom & Understanding 

Green Jasper - Healing & Nurturing

Sodalite - Truth & Clear Thinking

Jade - Attract Love

Honey Crystal - Attract Wealth

They can suggest that combinations of bracelets not only look good but may multiply the powers.. e.g. A Jade & a Honey Crystal might attract a rich boyfriend.

(A sense of humour coupled with enthusiasm works wonders.. but you already know that). 😁  

3. Tricks of the trade.

Let customers try on the bracelets.

Suggest ones that complement the customers clothing colours.

Staff could be encouraged to wear bracelets.

Buy a starter pack and and save 10%. Better still create a nice display with bangle display stands.

Stock up when available, some gemstone lines are often out of stock in these days of supply-line issues. When something is "showing out of stock" click on the small envelope icon and AW will email you the second it comes back in stock.

Here's how:  Online..

1. Use original pictures / videos

You are welcome to use AW pictures from our website, but google will give you better SEO juice if you use original content. Plus if your customers are comparing prices and see the same picture in different places it may work against you, and an original picture is easy to take with today's mobile phones and you can edit, add effects and make the power bracelets look cool. It's always better to show a product "in use" so show people wearing the perfect.

Don't forget to tag your pictures, here's how, so google can find pictures in searches.

2. More information..

Make use of the products and benefits (listed above). On a website or market place you have space to list more information and this is content that is good for SEO.

3. Offer Bundles & Deals

Buy offering bundles of 3 or 4 or more bracelets you can offer value and the shipping cost is spread. Also this takes you out of direct price comparison. You could offer free velvet pouches or bangle boxes for gifting.

With a bit of imagination you can come up with a unique combination that gives you a competitive advantage. At AW you can be sure that we never compete with our customers (we are strictly B2B) so you should never face unfair competition. Plus don't forget you don't . You can mix this product with Chip Bracelets, which are relatively cheap (although not as popular). EG Buy one Power Bracelet and get a free Chipstone Bracelet.

4. Work your social media & marketplaces

Your followers are a gold-mine, reaching out to your social media followers with original pictures and content can produce regular orders.

Listing on retail marketplaces is a must, and don't forget at AW we offer a dropshipping service. Check AW-Dropship.

4x Power Bracelet - Moss Agate
RRP : £6.00/Bracelet
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4x Power Bracelet - Black Agate
RRP : £5.25/Bracelet
For wholesale price, login or register

4x Power Bracelet - Green Jasper
RRP : £5.25/Bracelet
For wholesale price, login or register

4x Power Bracelet - Sodalite
RRP : £6.00/Bracelet
For wholesale price, login or register