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Massage Oil Starter (Set of 57 Oils)

Product code: MOL-ST

Maximize your sales by adding this amazing Massage Oil Stater Pack to your shop. You will get 10% off on 51 massage oils bottles and extra 6 FREE bottles. Beautifully labelled in amber glass bottles, these massage oils will be one of the eye-catching in your store. Display them together to create that wow factor.  

Massage is such a wonderful way to relax and unwind, you will get on this starter our blended selection below. These massage oils are expertly blended and bottled in attractive 100ml amber glass bottles. Bottled in the UK in our warehouse in Sheffield.

These Massage Oils are blended with Grape Seed Oil. Your customers can even add a few drops to the bath. An essential and profitable product for any aromatherapy shop. Order Now. 

Your Massage Oil Starter Pack includes:

3x Sensual  Massage Oil - 100ml

3x Radiant Skin Massage Oil -  100ml

3x Muscle Ease Massage Oil -  100ml

3x Joints Ease Massage Oil -  100ml

3x Peppermint Fresh Massage Oil -  100ml

3x Spicy Rub Massage Oil - 100ml

3x Toning & Firming Massage  Oil - 100ml

3x Warm & Uplifting Massage  Oil - 100ml

3x Heighten Awareness Massage Oil  - 100ml

3x Sleepy Lavender Massage Oil -  100ml

3x Mr Cleancut Shaving Oil -  100ml

3x Scalp Massage Oil - 100ml

3x Regenerate Special A2 Massage Oil -  100ml

3x Nag Champa Massage Oil - 100ml

3x Clear Skin Massage Oil - 100ml

3x Wellbeing Massage Oil - 100ml

3x PMT Rescue Oil - 100ml


3x FREE Sensual  Massage Oil - 100ml

3x FREE Radiant Skin Massage Oil -  100ml

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 5,994Kg /piece
Shipping weight 6,327Kg
Dimensions 4,5x2,5x11,4 (cm), 0,128L, 46,737Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Essential Oils, Grapeseed Oils
Materials / Ingredients