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Tumble Stones Starter

Product code: TBM-ST

Maximize your sales by adding this fantastic Tumble Stones Starter to shop. It is worth over £310 at retail value and you will get a FREE Wooden Display Stand worth £60.

The Display was designed to be at the heart of your contemporary gift shop, well thought out, well made and surprisingly affordable. The feel is modern and uncluttered,  trays are constructed entirely of whitewashed Albesia wood, lightweight and durable wood. Perfect to carry with ready-made products, load your car and straight onto the market. This handy display tray also featuring chalkboard foldable header.

Gemstones are a part of many ancient cultures, often considered to be a talisman or symbol of good luck or fortune. Different gems are said to have different properties, and for thousands of years, they have been made into rings, bracelets, amulets, brooches & pendants to capture their magic. A popular theory is that gemstones contain vibrational energy. By placing gemstones within a person's aura it is possible to change the vibrations of that aura.

These gemstones are packed in bags of 24 and are approximately 20mm - 30mm per stone. This is the most popular collectable size.

You will get 20 packs of Gemstones, Free Display and beautiful velvet bags.

The Starter Includes:

FREE Box Tray Display - 25 Trays (RDS-57)

QVP-01: 25x Quality Velvet Pouch - Black 10x12cm

Tumble Stones PDF info.

X2:TBM-01  24x L Tumble Stones - Amethyst Banded

TBM-03  24x L Tumble Stones - Dalmatian Stone

X2:TBM-04  24x L Tumble Stones - Howlite, White

TBM-06  24x L Tumble Stones - Jasper - Yellow

TBM-07  24x L Tumble Stones - Jasper - Silverleaf

TBM-08  24x L Tumble Stones - Leopard Skin

TBM-11  24x L Tumble Stones - Quartz Green

TBM-12 24x L Tumble Stones - Rose Quartz

TBM-13  24x L Tumble Stones - Quartz Snow

TBM-15  24x L Tumble Stones - Unakite

TBM-18  24x L Tumble Stones - Green Moss

TBM-22  24x L Tumble Stones - Obsidian Snowflake

TBM-23 24x L Tumble Stones - Sodalite

TBM-25  24x L Tumble Stones - Smoky Quartz

TBM-37 24x   L Tumble Stones - Moonstone

TBM-49  24x L Tumble Stones - Kalahari Desert Stone

TBM-53 24x L Tumble Stones - Prehnite

Order today and get this unique starter in your store.

Origin South Africa
Net weight 5Kg /Starter
Shipping weight 5.824Kg
Dimensions 38x52x9.5 (cm), 18.772L, 0.266Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Tumble Stones, Wood Display, Velvet Pouch,
Materials / Ingredients