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Temple String Bracelet - Journey of Life

Product code: TSJ-05

Wear this bracelet to help keep things in perspective.

Expand your jewellery collection with this captivating Wholesale Temple String Bracelet - Journey of Life. Handcrafted in Indonesia, this bracelet embodies the essence of life's journey and spiritual growth. Adorned with symbolic silver charm and vibrant hues, it's a must-have addition for retailers seeking unique, meaningful accessories.

Designed for broad appeal, bracelet is easily adjustable to fit wrists of all sizes, ensuring customer satisfaction and versatility.

Each Temple String Bracelet - Journey of Life is packed in a blue paper bag with a short description of its intention:

Your bracelet is made using Tri Datu temple thread, this is a symbol of the bond of three journeys of life in this world which is Birth, Life & Death. Tri means three and Datu means strenght, so Tri Datu means three strenghts. The three powers of the devine in creating through birth, maintaining in life, and returning to the origin of nature in death. So by keeping the whole journey of life in mind we can avoid negative thins and can think wiser. In almost all temples in Bali Tri datu threads are given to all who come to reminds us of lives journey.

Origin Indonesia
Net weight 0,012Kg /Bangle
Shipping weight 0,012Kg
Materials / Ingredients String, metal, beads
Barcode 5056368334030
Materials / Ingredients