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Temple String Bracelet - Balance of Nature

Product code: TSJ-02

Wear this bracelet to understand the mystic balance good and evil.

Embrace the harmony of nature with enchanting Wholesale Temple String Bracelet - Balance of Nature. Handcrafted in Indonesia, this bracelet symbolizes the delicate equilibrium between the natural elements. Adorned with subtle silver beads, it serves as a gentle reminder to find balance and serenity amidst life's chaos. 

Designed for convenience, bracelet is easily adjustable to accommodate every wrist size, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit for all.

Each Temple String Bracelet - Balance of Nature is packed in a blue paper bag with a short description of its intention:

The alternating black and white colours on your bracelet are symbols of Rwa Bhineda namely the balance of nature. In this world there must be black and white, good and bad, things that are opposite but are required to make nature balanced and harmonious. This philosophicaly teaches that different things cannot be separated such as good and bad, day and night, hot and cold and this black and white thread. It is called Poleng, a symbol of natural balance between good and evil, prosperity will be created in life.

Origin Indonesia
Net weight 0.012Kg /Bangle
Shipping weight 0.012Kg
Materials / Ingredients String, metal, beads
Barcode 5056368334009
Materials / Ingredients