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Smudge Stick - Spiritual Healing Sage Torch

Product code: SmudgeS-57

Experience the harmonious fusion of ancient traditions and the soothing energy of gemstones with our Wholesale Spiritual Healing Sage Torch Smudge Stick. This unique smudge stick combines the purifying properties of sage with the healing energy of a carefully selected gemstone, creating a powerful tool for cleansing and spiritual well-being. 

Sage has been used for generations to clear negative energy and promote spiritual balance. Each smudge stick includes a healing gemstone that complements the cleansing process. The sage is bundled into a convenient torch shape, making it easy to handle and direct the cleansing smoke with precision. 

Use our Wholesale Spiritual Healing Sage Torch Smudge Stick to cleanse your space and promote spiritual well-being. Let the fragrant sage smoke and the soothing energy of the gemstone work in harmony to create an environment of balance and healing.

Origin United States
Net weight 0,038Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0,038Kg
Dimensions 10x3 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients smudge stick
Barcode 5056368334184
Materials / Ingredients