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Smudge Stick - Sweetgrass Braid 10cm

Product code: SmudgeS-55

Experience the ancient ritual of purification and blessings with our Wholesale Sweetgrass Braid Smudge Stick. This 10 cm braid  is a sacred tool for cleansing spaces, promoting positive energy, and honouring traditions that span centuries. 

Sweetgrass is esteemed for its sweet, uplifting scent and is traditionally used to purify spaces and attract positive energies. Each sweetgrass braid is meticulously hand-braided by skilled artisans, preserving the sacred artistry of this tradition. 

Use our Wholesale Sweetgrass Braid Smudge Stick to cleanse home, meditation space, or any area you wish to infuse with positive energy. The sweetgrass's aroma invites harmony, purification, and a sense of renewal.

Origin United States
Net weight 0,002Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0,002Kg
Dimensions 10x1 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients smudge stick
Barcode 5056368334160
Materials / Ingredients