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Handmade Indigo Throw - 170x120cm - Namoona Waves

Product code: HIT-06

Wholesale Handmade Indigo Throw - 170x120cm - Namoona: Crafted Elegance for Your Space

This throw is a work of art that embodies crafted elegance.

🌟 Namoona - a graceful and intricate pattern that adds charm to any space 

🧵 Meticulously handmade with precision and care 

☀️ Dyed fabric gently sun-dried to unveil the iconic indigo blue hue

 🇮🇳 Made in India, celebrated for its rich textile traditions

Transform your customers' living spaces with this exquisite Indigo Throw. The Namoona design brings an element of grace and charm to any interior.

The fabric's indigo-blue hue is achieved through a gradual oxidation process as it basks in the sun's gentle rays. This throw isn't just a piece of decor; it's a testament to the artistry and natural beauty that India is renowned for.

Order now and offer your customers a masterpiece that enhances their living spaces with timeless elegance and charm.

Origin India
Net weight 0.733Kg /throw
Shipping weight 0.733Kg
Dimensions 170x120 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients Cotton
Barcode 5056368328039
Materials / Ingredients