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Essential Oil Starter and Stand - no DG

Product code: EO-STDG

This kit include all oils that have no transport restrictions. If you live outside UK you may consider this starter kit because will keep the transport cost minimal since does not require any special additional paperwork and shipping procedures. 

The Starter Includes:

FREE RDS-118M: Essential/Fragrance Oil Mango Wood Stand worth £32 

24x EO-01    10 ml Lavender

5x EO-04    10 ml Peppermint

3x EO-06    10 ml Ylang Ylang I

3x EO-07    10 ml Clary Sage

3x EO-08    10 ml Geranium

6x EO-09    10 ml Sandalwood Amayris

6x EO-10    10 ml Patchouli

3x EO-11    10 ml Jasmine Diluted

3x EO-13    10 ml Basil Essential Oil

6x EO-16    10 ml Fennell

3x EO-17    10 ml Frankincense Diluted

3x EO-18    10 ml Chamomile Roman Diluted

3x EO-20    10 ml Citronella

3x EO-21    10 ml Cinnamon

3x EO-22    10 ml Clove Leaf

3x EO-28    10 ml Lemongrass

3x EO-32    10 ml Neroli Dilute

3x EO-37    10 ml Petitgrain

3x EO-41    10 ml Rose Dilute