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Dawn of Time  Hexagonal Incense
Top quality hexagonal incense imported directly from Thailand.
The fragrances of these sticks are absolutely wonderful, just opening the display box releases a lovely aroma.

Individually designed - with mouth watering images.

Dawn of Time Hexagonal Incense sticks are  exclusive to Ancient Wisdom.

Each outer contains 6 x 20 sticks.
New Packaging and Extra bit of fragrances!
They look and smell BETTER THAN EVER! Remember - You wont find these Hexagonal Incense anywhere else!
12 or more outers
Gold Reward / Volume Discount
Dot-01 Sandalwood Divine
The aroma of Sandalwood is believed in many cultures to bring humans in touch with the divine. Its use can be traced back over six thousand years, and is found in most ancient cultures.
Dot-02 Frankincense & Myrrh
(along with God)were the first Christmas gifts - brought by wise men from the East. This is one of the oldest and most evocative fragrance steeped in mystery and meaning.
Dot-03 Jasmine of the Nile
Jasmine helped Cleopatra to seduce Mark Anthony in 41 BC thus changing the cause of world history. Even today you can put its famed aphrodisiac properties to good use. Take care!
Dot-04 Exotic Patchouli
Patchouli is not only the favourite of old Hippies it is an ancient eastern fragrance once used to fragrance Kashmir silk thus validating its origin. In this way it is long associated with exotic luxury.
Dot-05 Royal Cinnamon Spice
So highly prized in ancient times that it as regarded as a gift fit for a King. The aroma transports you to the days of the Spice Trade & the Silk Road. Wonderful for creating that heady Xmas aroma.
Dot-06 Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang leaves are sprinkled on the beds of newly weds in Indonesia. In the Philippines it is thought to be a symbol of purity, devotion and strength and used in temples and shrines.
Dot-07 Bringing Good Luck
Incense has often been used to invoke magic, creating as it does an air of mystery and expectations. This ancient Peruvian blend of fragrances is used to attract good luck and prosperity.
Dot-08 Calling Money
In China shops have models of waving cats in shop windows and burn incense to attract business. This eastern mix of fragrances is inspired by this practice. Can you smell money?
Dot-09 Bringing Love & Laughter
It is well known that fragrances sub-consciously affect our moods. This rich aromatic fragrance hopes to evokes feelings of love and laughter drawing from happy childhood memories. Smile!
Dot-10 Peace on Earth
Contains Amber - long associated with the Baltic countries - often used in early Christian Churches to bring feelings of peace and harmony. Allow this incense to bring peace to your world.
Dot-11 Guardian Angel
Many ancients believed that incense attracts benevolent spirits. Prayers and Incense mix to please God and Angels. Thus inspiring this blend of sacred aromas designed to attract your Guardian Angel.
Dot-12 Happy Holiday
Incense through out the ages have been burned during festivals and holidays to create feeling of carnival and party. This fragrance is designed to invoke that spirit of freedom and celebration. Enjoy!
Dot-13 Queen of Lavender
Lavender was a favoured perfume of Egyptians and Phoenicians. It is called the Queen of fragrances and it is well known Queen Victoria loved it. Today many believe the fragrance aids restful sleep.
Dot-14 Of Persian Roses
In ancient Persia the Rose was first used as an aromatic. Venus the Roman Goddess of love was associated with rose oil, and ever since romance and the scent of roses has mingled thus.
Dot-15 The Call of the Sea
When the breath of the sea inspired ancient mariners to discover new worlds and explore the ends of the earth. We to hope this fresh aroma will like-wise inspire you. Go forth and discover!
Dot-16 Lily of the Valley
Lily of the valley is believed to protect gardens from evil spirits and so known as the flower of fairies, its tiny bells used as cups from which to drink. Why not burn this fragrance and dream of fairies...
Dot-17 Risqué Honeysuckle
The Victorians thought that bringing honeysuckle into the home was bad because it was believed that the fragrance would cause dreams that were far too risque for their sensibilities.
Dot-18 Vanilla Orchid
Vanilla was first used by the Aztecs in Ancient Mexico. Rich and expensive it was an ingredient believed to have magical powers. Always creates feelings of warmth and familiarity.
Dot-19 Meditation
Containing the celebrated Nag Champa fragrance. Beloved of Indian Monks and Hippies. From the leaves of Champa trees often grown in the grounds of temples it is believed to aid meditation.
Dot-20 Dragons Blood
Not actually from the blood of dragons but made from the aromatic tears of the Dragon Tree much like frankincense is. A favourite of Goths and witches and said to aid spells for protection and love.
Dot-21 White Sage
Native Americans used White Sage to make “smudge sticks”, a famous kind of incense. Leaves were bundled together, then burned - believing that the aroma drove away evil spirits.
Dot-22 Opium
Opium has controversial history as an aromatic and a drug. But its use was widespread in Eastern and European ancient history. The Greeks connected it to Hymnus, the god of rest and oblivion.
Dot-23 Mystic Musk
Recreating the musk originally made from dear glands. Renamed Mystical Musk due to fact that only certain blessed people can smell it. Many have aroma blindness to this. Can you smell it?
Dot-24 Night Queen
An Indian Fragrance inspired by the Kamasutra and designed for the night. Bring the Queen of the Night to life by letting this aroma infuse the bedchamber to enchant the sensual spirits within.
Dawn Of Time Incense Starter
24 x Selected Box of Fragrance with 10% Discount
3 x EXTRA Box of Dawn of Time Incense
Cost  £44.40/27 (£1.65 per box and 27.5p per pack)
RRP  £162.00
Quality box packaging with inner sleeves...

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DOT-016x Sandalwood Divine
DOT-026x Frankincense & Myrrh
DOT-036x Jasmine of the Nile
DOT-046x Exotic Patchouli
DOT-056x Royal Cinnamon Spice
DOT-066x Ylang Ylang
DOT-076x Bringing Good Luck (OoS)
DOT-086x Calling Money (OoS)
DOT-106x Peace on Earth
DOT-116x Guardian Angel (OoS)
DOT-126x Happy Holiday
DOT-136x Queen of Lavender
DOT-146x Of Persian Roses
DOT-156x The Call of the Sea
DOT-166x Lily of the Valley
DOT-176x Risqué Honeysuckle
DOT-186x Vanilla Orchid
DOT-196x Meditation (OoS)
DOT-206x Dragons Blood (OoS)
DOT-216x White Sage (OoS)
DOT-226x Opium (OoS)
DOT-246x Night Queen (OoS)
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