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Big Beautiful Garden Statues

Wholesale Garden Statues. Very unique and original Garden Statues will make a great feature in any house, garden or even stately home.  Made in Indonesia and shipped directly to us they represent excellent value!

These beautiful statues have been cast in a special mix of resin, gypsum and cement which creates a realistic stone effect without being too heavy to manoeuvre. Like stone, they will weather gracefully in outdoor conditions

Statues are priced and sold individually.

Note: While they are carefully packed in wooden cartons, due to the nature of these pieces it is possible that small scratches or marks may be incurred during transport. However, it is very easy to touch up such marks. Special paint mixture and brush is provided.

Also note: the prices for sculptures do not include delivery except our Bulk Pallet Deals(see below).  They need to be sent to you by pallet freight rather than courier. We will contact you before sending with a quote for delivery or see the prices. Please click on the pictures on the right to see the pallet prices. :)

Sorry, but all products in this web page are discontinued
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