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Tropical Soap Loaves and Tropical Bath Bombs Starter

Product code: Tropical-STBrown

Maximize your sales by adding this amazing Tropical Starter Pack to your shop. It is worth over £1,050 at retail value and you will get a FREE Display Stand. What better way to display your products than on this beautiful hand-made display.    

Five Shelf Display Brownwash with blackboard, this shelving unit is an instant space-saver that's as handy for displaying your Soaps and Bath bombs. 

Lovingly handmade from sustainable Albesia Wood in the heart of Bali villages. Also suitable for books, flower pots as well as towel display.

Your display Stand has been designed to be at the heart of a contemporary gift shop: well thought out, well made and surprisingly affordable. The look is modern and uncluttered.

Come in the box with two parts, provided with screws to fit the bottom and top shelf, very easy to assemble. The Display stand also has a hook on the back to fit the wall and drawer that you can use to keep your shop carry bags for example    

8 trays of 16 bath bombs, with tropical fruit scents, your customer's hands, body and soul will feel cleansed, nourished and moisturised. A truly lovely bath bombs for anyone who loves tropical scents. 128 Bath Bombs in total, each bomb weighs in at a massive 180 grams and contains a generous portion of Coconut Butter to make it smoother on your skin.   

Tropical Paradise Soaps is an amazingly sweet and zesty range of exotic tropic fruit, including dragon fruit, papaya and purple mangosteen. You will get 16 soap loaves, 2 for each fragrance. Supplied in 1.3 kg loaf form. You can get 13 x 100 gm (approx weight) pieces from each loaf. Sell at £2.75 and return £35 per loaf. 

Hand - Crafted Soaps - Amazing Fragrances - Beautiful Colours

This Starter Pack Includes:

Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bombs - 180g

1x TPCB-0116x Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bomb - Watermelon

1x TPCB-0216x Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bomb - Dragon Fruit

1x TPCB-03 16x Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bomb - Papaya

1x TPCB-04 16x Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bomb - Pomelo

1x TPCB-05 16x Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bomb - Mangosteen

1x TPCB-06 16x Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bomb - Kiwi Fruit

1x TPCB-07 16x Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bomb - Strawberry

1x TPCB-08 16x Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bomb - Pineapple

Tropical Paradise Soap Loaves 1.3kg

2x TPSoap-01Tropical Paradise Soap Loaf - Watermelon

2x TPSoap-02Tropical Paradise Soap Loaf - Dragon Fruit

2x TPSoap-03Tropical Paradise Soap Loaf - Papaya

2x TPSoap-04 Tropical Paradise Soap Loaf - Pomelo

2x TPSoap-05 Tropical Paradise Soap Loaf - Mangosteen

2x TPSoap-06 Tropical Paradise Soap Loaf - Kiwifruit

2x TPSoap-07 Tropical Paradise Soap Loaf - Strawberry

2x TPSoap-08 Tropical Paradise Soap Loaf - Pineapple

Bath Bomb Wraps

1x BBWR-01 Clear - Bath Bomb Wrap 40cm - (200 sheets)

1x BBTT-03 Black - Twist Ties (pack 720) 

1x HMS-32 Waxed Paper Sheets for Soap (appx 500) 

FREE RDS-127 - 5 Shelf Display - Brownwash

Buy now to create the ultimate bathroom heaven in your store.      

Please note: For export orders, the shipping of the stand will be charged separately.  We will provide a quotation.   

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 75Kg /Starter
Shipping weight 70.436Kg
Dimensions 40x56x180 (cm), 403.2L, 0.186Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Albesia Wood
Materials / Ingredients