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Tree of Life Gemstone Necklace - Tiger Eye

Product code: IGJ-02

Wholesale Tree of Life Gemstone Necklace - Tiger Eye

Introducing the exquisite Tree of Life Gemstone Necklace adorned with a mesmerizing Tiger Eye gemstone, a true embodiment of natural beauty and spiritual significance. This remarkable piece of jewelry seamlessly combines the timeless symbolism of the Tree of Life with the captivating allure of Tiger Eye, resulting in a truly enchanting accessory that exudes both elegance and mystique.

Known for its rich, golden hues and captivating chatoyancy, Tiger Eye is revered for its protective and grounding properties. The gemstone not only adds a touch of warmth and vibrancy to the necklace but also serves as a source of strength and clarity. With its shimmering play of light and depth, the Tiger Eye gemstone serves as a constant reminder of the balance between light and dark, and the transformative power of self-reflection.

Our gemstone necklaces are meticulously crafted using high-quality gemstones, showcasing their natural beauty and unique characteristics.  By offering our wholesale gemstone pendants as part of your jewelry selection, you'll provide your customers with an opportunity to own a truly special accessory that combines style and sophistication. These necklaces are the epitome of timeless elegance, offering a versatile accessory that can effortlessly enhance any outfit.  

Chain length: approx. 50 cm

Origin India
Net weight 0.025Kg /necklace
Shipping weight 0.025Kg
Dimensions 4.5x3.5x1.5 (cm), 0.024L, 1.058Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Silver Plated, Gemstones
Barcode 5056368318047
Materials / Ingredients