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You simply won’t see us making an exhibition of ourselves...
Five reasons why we don’t exhibit at trade shows.

1) It distracts us from looking after our existing customers.
Have you ever tried to order stock during a trade show from the office of a company attending? We will service your orders to the best of our ability at any time of year.

2) The cost of the trade show has to be passed on to the customer. We estimate that gift wholesaler must budget 10% (at least) of turnover.

3) There is always a mad rush to present new products in time for the show, inevitable many products are untested and not ready for the market.

4) It means exposing all the latest ideas to the competition. Which means you have more chance of getting original ideas and products from us than your competitors who buy just at the trade shows.

5) We believe that by not exhibiting at trade shows (or employing salespeople)  gives us a 20% cost advantage. Passing this saving on to our customers in the form of bonus stock, discounts and promotions has helped us be successful, and gives you - our customers better margins.