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Soybean Jar Candles - Bamboo

Product code: SoyC-07

Designed to make a beautiful and thoughtful gift, Bamboo Soybean Jar Candle will make a perfect addition to your store. 

This candle is made from hydrogenated soybean oil which means that it is free of synthetic wax or paraffin. Presented in chunky recycled glass jar,  this beautiful candle can be reused and is packaged nicely into cardboard box. And if it's beautiful packaging doesn't sell it to your customers then it's fresh Bamboo scent definitely will.  

With this candle, you can upgrade your offer and your customers candle life. Soy wax is so much nicer cleaner and more natural than paraffin candles. A little more expensive but worth it. Soybean Jar Candles burn cleaner and cooler and leave a minimal wax residue. 

Made in our own factory to ensure purity and quality - great value compared to existing products. Guaranteed 3% fragrance level, long burning and very eco-friendly. 

High quality, great value, looks and smells amazing... How will your customers be able to resist?

Please do not burn the candle continuously for a long period of time.

Please make sure the wick is no longer than 5-10mm before using the candle (please trim before each use if necessary)

Order today to get this beautiful product in your store.

Origin China
Net weight 0,45Kg /candle
Shipping weight 0,45Kg
Dimensions 6,5x6,5x7,5 (cm), 0,317L, 1,42Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients
Barcode 5055796539772
Materials / Ingredients