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Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set - Tantra Yoga

Product code: RIH-04

Embark on a spiritual journey within with our Wholesale Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set - Tantra Yoga. This set is a gateway to self-discovery, helping your customers align their energy centres and create a harmonious atmosphere. 

The set showcases the Seven Chakras design on the silver-plated holder, reminding you to seek balance and alignment in your life. The Seven Chakras represent the body's energy centres, each associated with unique qualities and emotions. 

Each set includes 10 aromatic ropes, hand-rolled with the purest natural ingredients. Immerse your surroundings in a harmonizing fragrance that encourages mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual growth. The silver-plated holder serves both practical and decorative purposes. It provides a safe space to burn incense while infusing your environment with the vibrant energy of the chakras. 

Our Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set - Tantra Yoga is designed for retailers looking to offer their customers a unique blend of aesthetics and spirituality. Whether you run a boutique, a yoga studio, or a holistic shop, this set is a valuable addition to your product lineup.

Origin Nepal
Net weight 0.14Kg /Set
Shipping weight 0.14Kg
Dimensions 16x9x2 (cm), 0.288L, 0.486Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Brass
Barcode 5056368327124
Materials / Ingredients