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15mm Coloured Floral Cotton Ribbon (10m)- Peach

Product code: Prib-08

15mm Coloured Floral Cotton Ribbon (10m)- Peach

This range of Wholesale Floral Cotton Ribbons makes a beautiful finish to any gift wrapping.   

Ribbons are made from a quality fabric, wrap the around gifts very well and making the bow is piece of cake. 

There are many creative ways to use these ribbons, imagine the gorgeous gift wrap it would make... wedding decor, chair bow sash, floral designs, candle wraps, Christmas wrap... You also can use them with natural ribbed gift boxes and create that special gift packaging for your customers. 15mm in rolls of 10 metres each.  Wrap this one and order today.

Origin China
Net weight 0,038Kg /Piece
Shipping weight 0,038Kg
Materials / Ingredients Cotton Ribbon
Materials / Ingredients