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Smudge Stick - 7 Chakras Rose Petals Sage 10 cm (Chakra)

Product code: MSage-30

Introducing our Wholesale Smudge Stick, a natural and traditional tool for spiritual cleansing and purifying. This smudge stick features a blend of seven different Rose Petals each corresponding to one of the seven chakras and White Sage.

Rose Petals in this smudge stick correspond to the seven chakras, which are believed to be energy centres in the body. Rose Petals are known for their beauty and healing properties. They are believed to promote self-love and healing and can be used to enhance meditation and spiritual practices.

This Wholesale Smudge Stick is approximately 10cm in length. It is perfect for spiritual practitioners, healers, and anyone interested in using natural remedies for spiritual cleansing and purification. Use it to smudge yourself, your home, or any space that needs a little extra purification and positive energy.

Overall, our Wholesale Smudge Stick is a high-quality and natural tool that can help you balance and harmonize your chakras, promoting spiritual well-being and inner peace. The combination of Sage and Rose Petals creates a beautiful and aromatic scent that is perfect for those who want to enhance their spiritual practice with a touch of beauty and healing.

Origin Mexico
Net weight 0,033Kg /Stick
Shipping weight 0,033Kg
Dimensions 10x3 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients sage
Barcode 5056422951517
Materials / Ingredients