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Manifest Magic Candles Starter

Product code: MMC-ST

Embark on a journey of manifestation and transformation with the Wholesale Manifest Magic Candles Starter Pack. This comprehensive pack includes a carefully curated selection of candles that resonate with the power of chakras, protection, transformation, and cleansing. It's not just a collection; it's a gateway to unlocking your customers' inner magic. 

You will get 66 sets of Manifest Magic Candles + a FREE Magic Spell Candle (RRP £14.00)

The Starter Pack comprises: 

As a special bonus, you'll also receive a FREE Magic Spell Candle - Cleansing, made from soy wax and enriched with WHITE JASPER gemstones, SAGE & PEPPERMINT. This cleansing candle is the perfect addition to any spiritual practice. 

Each candle in this starter pack is meticulously crafted with intention and care, designed to empower and inspire. Whether your customers seek to align their chakras, protect their energy, or manifest their desires, this wholesale pack offers a wide range of options. 

Unleash the magic within your store with the Wholesale Manifest Magic Candles Starter Pack. Elevate your offerings and watch as these candles become a source of transformation and inspiration for your customers. 

Order now and let the journey to manifestation begin.

Origin China
Net weight /piece
Shipping weight 9.56Kg
Materials / Ingredients Soy Wax, Fragrance,
Materials / Ingredients