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3x Magnetic Hematite Shamballa Bracelet - Cylinders & Circles

Product code: MHSB-06

Wholesale Magnetic Hematite Shamballa Bracelet - Cylinders & Circles

Introducing the charming Shamballa Hematite Magnetic Bracelet adorned with Cylinder & Circle shapes, a harmonious blend of modern design and mystical allure. This extraordinary piece of jewelry seamlessly combines the captivating beauty of magnetic hematite with the elegance of cylinders and circles resulting in a truly dazzling accessory that is sure to turn heads.

The amalgamation of cylinders and circles adds a contemporary and geometric element to the design, symbolizing harmony and unity. The sleek lines of the cylinders complement the graceful curves of the circles, creating a visually stunning contrast to the delicate hematite beads. This unique combination of shapes results in a bracelet that effortlessly blends modernity and mysticism, making it the perfect accessory for those seeking a balance between elegance and sharpness.

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Origin China
Net weight 0,015Kg /Bracelet
Shipping weight 0,045Kg
Dimensions 7x0,5 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients Hematite
Barcode 5056368320095
Materials / Ingredients