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Shiva Lingam Magic Wand - 19.5cm - Black Tourmaline & Agate - Protection

Product code: LingW-04

Wholesale Shiva Lingam Magic Wand with Black Tourmaline & Agate is a powerful fusion of protection and grounding. Crafted from authentic gemstones, each wand emanates a sense of security and stability. 

The Shiva Lingam stone, sourced from the sacred Narmada River in India, holds ancient reverence and spiritual significance. The Shiva Lingam stone is a sacred stone of both the ancient and modern worlds. 

Paired with the protective properties of black tourmaline and the grounding energy of agate, this wand is a must have tool for shielding against negativity and promoting inner strength. 

Measuring 19.5cm in length, this wand is not only a potent tool for energy work and meditation but also a striking piece of artistry. Whether displayed prominently in your collection or wielded in ritual practice, the Shiva Lingam Magic Wand with Black Tourmaline & Agate offers a tangible symbol of protection and empowerment.

Origin India
Net weight 0,065Kg /wand
Shipping weight 0,113Kg
Dimensions 19,5x3 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients Gemstones & Silver Plated
Barcode 5056368330247
Materials / Ingredients