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Laced Gemstone Hexagon Pendant - Lepidolite

Product code: LGemP-08

Wholesale Laced Gemstone Hexagon Pendant featuring the captivating Lepidolite. This pendant is crafted in the heart of India.

The hexagon shape, symbolising balance and harmony, beautifully complements the delicate, lavender-hued Lepidolite. Known for its soothing and calming energy, Lepidolite is believed to promote emotional balance, reduce stress, and aid in inner transformation.

Each Lepidolite Hexagon Pendant is laced, allowing the gemstone's natural beauty to shine through. The addition of an adjustable string ensures a comfortable and customised fit.

Embrace the soothing and transformative energy of Lepidolite with this exquisite pendant. Don't miss the opportunity to share the beauty and symbolism of Lepidolite with your customers.

String length: approximately 45 cm

Origin India
Net weight 0.01Kg /pendant
Shipping weight 0.01Kg
Dimensions 48x3 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients gemstone, lace
Barcode 5056368329647
Materials / Ingredients