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12x 42g Jumbo Golden Nag - Seven Chakra Back Flow Incense Cones

Product code: JBackF-08

Wholesale Jumbo Golden Nag - Seven Chakra Back Flow Incense Cones, where aromatic harmony converges with mesmerizing visual artistry. Immerse yourself in the holistic essence of the Seven Chakras, a fragrance curated to align and balance your energy centres.

Awaken your senses to the vibrant scent of the Seven Chakras as each cone releases its aromatic symphony into the air. The unique blend of fragrances corresponds to each chakra, creating an ambience of balance and vitality. These incense cones are the perfect companion for meditation, energy work, or enhancing your space with a sense of holistic well-being.

What truly sets these back-flow incense cones apart is their ability to transcend the realm of scent, offering an exquisite visual display as well. Designed for a backflow effect, each cone orchestrates a mesmerizing cascade of smoke, transforming your environment into a haven of visual delight and energetic alignment.

Inside each box, there are 12 packs of Pyramid-shaped Masala Backflow cones, and each individual pack holds 10 cones. So, in total, there are 120 cones in one box. The triangular box is bound to captivate the attention of your customers.

Ideal for boutique owners, holistic practitioners, and anyone who appreciates the fusion of fragrance and aesthetics, these incense cones elevate the ambience of any space.

Origin India
Net weight 0.042Kg /pack
Shipping weight 0.51Kg
Materials / Ingredients Incense
Barcode 8906022931983
Materials / Ingredients