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At Ancient Wisdom we try to provide as much information as possible with our product ranges (who else does that?).

The power of knowledge is as old as time. Ever since the garden of Eden when the fruit from tree of knowledge (of good and evil) was portrayed as a tasty treat.  That old snake made the worlds first sales pitch, it turned out quite expensive (for Adam & Eve), but nevertheless a successful pitch. 

What we can learn is that information, engages the human brain and is a powerful force in creating desire or (as we prefer to call it in marketing) ... demand.

In other words - give your customer a juicy bite of info about a product and you are a snakes breath away from making a sale...

So all over Ancient Wisdom you will come across something like this..
Or maybe you will just see this: 

Click on this to trigger a PDF download (it means Portable Document Format) - more juicy info uh?

A PDF is a file you can safely store on your computer, you probably have the software to open it installed, but if not, you can download it for free here:Adobe PDF 

You will need to enter a password (see below) and this will open the PDF -save it to your hard drive (file save as) and then you can print off as many copies as you need to use as temptations.. sorry.. sales tools within your business.

Alternatively we can print you an A3 poster sized print, which we will send with your order. Just click the order button (left) to add to your order.
Password Protected

Not everyone gets to bite into our apples. You will need a password to access the PDF files. 
NB The same password will open every info sheet.

You will find this password on the end of your order acknowledgement email that you should receive after placing your order.

If you get AW  newsletters (from David) - you will find it there.

Or you can email us on [email protected]