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I just wanted you offer some positive feedback to the lovely people at Ancient Wisdom. What a fantastic site and service, im always to pleased with my orders and the ultrafast delivery time! I especially wanted to offer my gratitude for the most recent service i received from one of your lovely girls on the phone - she helped me to sort everything out marvellously! Many, many thanks and keep up the good work!
Love from Rachael
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Ancient Wisdom - the largest Internet giftware wholesaler in the UK. There are over 10,000 product lines to discover.  
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I do hope you put all these interesting tales of yours into a book
you can definitely put me down for one when its published
you are so descriptive and informative I feel I’m in your back pack watching the event
keep them coming
and "Safe journey" for your next trip

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The idea is that we are always rushed off our feet Monday to Wednesday, lots of people order at the weekend and Monday, but by the end of the week it slacks off. If we could spread the orders a bit we could give better service all round. A Flash Deal might typically include free shipping and special discounts. OK I know, we are just copying EasyJet - filling boxes rather than seats. Unlike EasyJet we promise not to sneak in any dodgy fees or charge you for using the loo.
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