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Tips How To Sell More Bath Bombs

Product Background

We have been manufacturing bath bombs and sell them to retailers over the Europe since 2006, with strong growth year on year every year. Bath bombs are one of the most popular products in our range with over 100 available fragrances to choose from!

We are proud of the quality of our bath bombs. But when you buy from us, you get more than just great quality. You can enjoy lower prices per unit and the ability to tailor your order to the needs of your business. 

Our bath bombs are handmade in Sheffield, UK. For their production, we use the best ingredients, including essential oilsfragrance oils, Himalayan salt or Epsom salt, and we try to avoid harsh chemicals and preservatives. Bath bombs are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. You may also like our Vegan Products page.

Product Description. Features & Benefits 

  • Our tagline: A fragrant and sparkling bathing ritual for everyone.
  • Bath bombs are a best seller in most beauty and gift shops.
  • Bath bombs are a great way to unwind after a long day. The warm water and fragrant scents can help soothe the body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • With its calming scents and luxurious feel, bath bombs can help create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.
  • The moisturizing agents in bath bombs can help hydrate and soften the skin.
  • Some bath bombs contain Epsom salt, which is known for its muscle-soothing properties.

You can explore the whole range of Ancient Wisdom Wholesale Bath Bombs here.

Here's how:  In-store.

1. Display appropriately

An innovative display shows enthusiasm for the product. Think how you can grab attention with something appropriate. Bath bombs are visually appealing, and displaying them in clear or large, open containers can show off their colours, shapes, and scents. You could use glass jars or wooden boxes, and arrange them in a visually appealing way.

Use themed displays - depending on the scents or colours of the bath bombs, you could create themed displays that showcase products in a unique way. For example, if you have bath bombs with citrus scents, you could create a display with bright oranges, lemons, and limes.

Deals suggestions:

Organise regular promotions, such as "buy two, get a third free" or discounts on selected bath bombs. Visible markings with information about offers can effectively encourage customers to buy.

2. Product knowledge

Signage and labels can help educate customers about your products and their benefits. You could create signs or labels that highlight the natural ingredients used in our bath bombs or their benefits for the skin.

Make sure your staff members are familiar with the bath bombs range and can give advice and recommendations to customers. Help customers find products that suit their preferences and needs.

3. Tricks of the trade.

Create a test zone where customers can experience the scents and textures of bath bombs. Place bowls of water into which customers can drop samples to see how they dissolve and how they work.

Plan in-store workshops where customers can learn more about using bath bombs. You can invite personal care professionals to share tips and help customers choose the right products.

Create gift sets that contain several different bath bombs. Pack them in aesthetic boxes or gift baskets that will be perfect as gifts for loved ones.

Here's how:  Online..

1. Use original pictures / videos

You are welcome to use AW pictures from our website, but Google will give you better SEO juice if you use original content. Plus if your customers are comparing prices and see the same picture in different places it may work against you. Original pictures are easy to take with today's mobile phones and you can edit, add effects and make the bath bombs look cool. It's always better to show a product "in use" so prepare a video showing how to use bath bombs in a home spa.

Don't forget to tag your pictures, here's how, so Google can find pictures in searches.

 2. More information

Make use of the products and benefits (listed above). On a website or market place you have space to list more information and this is content that is good for SEO.

3. Offer Bundles & Deals

By offering bundles of 3 or more bath bombs you can offer value and the shipping cost is spread. Also this takes you out of direct price comparison. You could offer free gift wrapping.

With a bit of imagination you can come up with a unique combination that gives you a competitive advantage. At AW you can be sure that we never compete with our customers (we are strictly B2B) so you should never face unfair competition.

4. Work your social media & marketplaces

Your followers are a gold-mine, reaching out to your social media followers with original pictures and content can produce regular orders.

Listing on retail marketplaces is a must, and don't forget at AW we offer a drop shipping service. Check AW-dropship.com