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Handcrafted Soaps Starter & Stand

Product code: HCS-ST

Are you looking for Artisanal and Fast Selling Items for your store? Look no further! Our Handcrafted Soaps are still one of our best selling products since two decades ago. Displaying naturally on Wooden Stand will crate that home-crafted feel in your store. We have picked the top selling items that will compliment each others to create perfect and personalised gifting experience.

So what's included in this starter?

So firstly buying this set will let you benefit from a 5% Discount on each item in it and FREE Indonesian Wooden Display Stand worth over £200 at retail value.

PPSF-02 Modular Table Rack FREE

This stand is not just a display; it is handmade in Indonesia by our artisans; it's a statement piece that attracts attention, showcases the natural appeal of our soaps, and tells a story of craftsmanship and sustainability. Hurry Limited Stock of Furniture Available

10x Soap Loaves (100-130 Slices of 100g Natural Soaps): Each loaf is hand poured by our artisans in Sheffield, using only the finest natural ingredients.
Offering your customer slice of Soap by their choice of colour and scent and on top of that selection of different shapes of soap dish will generate higher interest than ready made shelf product.

1x HCS-02 Tea Tree & Fresh Mint - Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95
1x HCS-04   Sleepy Lavender - Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95
1x HCS-06   Slice of Sunshine - Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95
1x HCS-07   Honey & Oatmeal - Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95
1x HCS-10   Cleopatra - Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95
1x HCS-11    Coconut Dream - Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95
1x HCS-51  Enchanted Rose Soap Loaf - Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95
1x HCS-15    Raspberry & Blackpepper - Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95
1x HCS-16    Baby Powder - Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95
1x HCS-44    Himalayan Cava Soap Loaf RRP: £31.95

72s Beautifully Designed Wooden Soap Dishes: 
Elegantly crafted wooden soap dishes. Each piece is designed to complement the natural beauty of our soaps while ensuring they dry properly between uses

12x WSoapD-10   Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Groovy RRP: £17.10
12x WSoapD-11    Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Corrugated RRP: £17.10
12x WSoapD-12    Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Ladder RRP: £17.10
12x WSoapD-13    Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Box RRP: £17.10
12x WSoapD-14    Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Piano RRP: £17.
12x WSoapD-15    Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Fish RRP: £17.10

1x High-Quality Soap Cutter: Precision is key in presenting our handcrafted soaps. That's why we include a durable soap cutter, allowing you to slice with ease and offer your customers the perfect piece of luxury

HMS-31    Cutter For Soap Loaves

1x Pack of 500 Waxed Sheets for Wrapping:  Let your customers know that choosing Waxed Paper Soap wrapping is kind to earth. 

HMS-32a    Wax Paper Sheets 50gsm - 25x20cm (approx. 500)

20x Jute Soap Bags: Perfect for gift-giving or as a premium packaging option, our jute soap bags add a touch of rustic charm and sustainability to your product lineup. Handmade in Inida.

HMS-45    Soft Jute Soap Bag RRP: £19.90

Net weight /Starter
Shipping weight 32.18Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Materials / Ingredients


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