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Gemstone Guardian Angel Pendant - Amethyst

Product code: GPJ-18
Price Units Price/Unit
Necklace £5.85 1 £5.85/Pendant
Multi £105.30 20 £5.26/Pendant
Bulk £198.90 40 £4.97/Pendant

The exquisite Gemstone Guardian Angel Pendant in Amethyst is an exquisite and spiritually significant piece of jewellery that embodies divine guidance, protection, and spiritual growth. This pendant is designed to enhance intuition, promote spiritual connection, and bring a sense of peace and harmony to the wearer. 

The Gemstone Guardian Angel Pendant features a polished Amethyst gemstone in the shape of a delicate angel. Renowned for its spiritual properties and is often associated with clarity, intuition, and heightened spiritual awareness. It is believed to provide protection, enhance meditation practices, and facilitate spiritual growth.  This pendant is not only a stunning piece of jewellery but also carries a profound symbolic meaning. It serves as a constant reminder of the angelic presence and the guidance they provide on our spiritual journey. 

This pendant is a versatile accessory that effortlessly transitions from day to night, making it suitable for any occasion.

Comes with a silver-plated chain, approximately 45 cm long. Packed in a lovely header card. 

The sizes and shapes of the crystals may vary slightly as each one of the pendants is handcrafted.

Surprise your customers with this adorable and unique gemstone jewellery, lovingly made in India. Suitable for men or women, 

A perfect gift for any occasion. Order today

Origin India
Net weight 0.02Kg /Pendant
Shipping weight 0.02Kg
Dimensions 2.7x0.8x1.5 (cm), 0.003L, 6.173Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Silver Plated, Gemstones
Barcode 5056368304507
Materials / Ingredients