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108 Bead Mala - Green Aventurine

Product code: GMala-07

Introducing the Bead Mala - Green Aventurine, a beautiful and energizing piece of jewellery that will uplift your spirit and enhance your spiritual practice.

This mala is made up of 108 beads of natural Green Aventurine, a green-coloured gemstone known for its ability to attract abundance, promote growth and vitality, and enhance emotional balance and well-being

The mala is traditionally used in spiritual practices such as meditation and chanting, and the Green Aventurine beads are said to help promote inner strength, emotional stability, and physical healing. The mala can also be worn as a stylish accessory, adding a touch of natural beauty to any outfit.

The Bead Mala - Green Aventurine is a perfect gift for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual practice, attract abundance, or promote emotional balance and well-being. 

Invest in this stunning piece of jewellery and experience the energizing and uplifting properties of Green Aventurine in your life. With its vibrant and natural beauty and unique properties, this mala is sure to become a cherished part of your daily routine.

Please note: Due to the nature of the gemstone, each mala bead's size and length may vary. The size of the beads is approximately 0.6 cm to 0.8 cm and the length is approximately 60 cm to 80 cm.

Origin India
Net weight 0,054Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0,06Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Barcode 5055796531479
Materials / Ingredients