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Feng Shui Clocks

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. The literal translation is "wind and water". Feng shui is not a decorating style. Rather, it is a discipline whose guidelines are compatible with many different decorating styles.

For a place to have "good feng shui" is for it to be in harmony with nature, to have "bad feng shui" is to be incongruous with nature. People aren't usually described as having good or bad feng shui themselves. It is believed that certain people by force of personality or visual appearance are able to add or sutract from the feng shui of their surroundings.

This beautiful clock will make an enchanting addition to any room. It is sure to bring good times for years to come. AW Feng Shui Clocks are designed for any room of the house (AA battery powered mechanism, which is protected by a plastic housing) Batteries are not included. Clock can be wall mounted or placed on any desk... Each clock comes individually wrapped and packed in a nice gift box.

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