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Essential Oil Starter

Product code: EO-ST

Maximize your sales by adding this Essential Oil and Base Oil Starter Pack to your shop. You will get 80 Essential Oils and 12 Base oils carefully selected and blended at Ancient Wisdom production in Sheffield. You will also get a FREE Display Stand worth £18.50. The Display stand holds up to 72 Essential Oil of 10ml bottles and 6 100ml Base oils creating an attractive eye-catching in your shop.    

The Starter Includes: 

FREE RDS-143: Jolly Usefull Mini Multi Purpose Display £18.50

Essential Oil Starter includes 

EO-01 Lavender  x  14

EO-02 Tea Tree  x  6

EO-03 Eucalyptus x   6

EO-04 Peppermint x    6

EO-05 Rosemary  x  6

EO-06 Ylang Ylang  x  6

EO-07 Clary Sage  x  6

EO-08 Geranium  x  6

EO-09 Sandalwood Amyris x  6

EO-10 Patchouli x   6

EO-11 Jasmine Dilute x    6

EO-12 Lemon x   6

BO-01 Grapeseed Oil - 100ml x 6

BO-02 Sweet Almond  Oil - 100ml  x 6

Order Today to offer your customers the best aromatherapy selection of Essential Oils and base oils.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 4,452Kg /Starter
Shipping weight 6,606Kg
Materials / Ingredients Essential Oils, Wooden Stand
MSDS Lavender Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Lavender Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Lavender Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Tea Tree Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Tea Tree Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Eucalyptus Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Eucalyptus Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Eucalyptus Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Peppermint Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Peppermint Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Peppermint Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Rosemary Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Rosemary Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Rosemary Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Ylang Ylang I Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Ylang Ylang I Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Ylang Ylang Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Clary Sage Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Clary Sage Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Clary Sage Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Geranium Egypt Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Geranium Egypt Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Geranium Egypt Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Sandalwood Amyris Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Sandalwood Amyris Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Sandalwood Amyris Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Patchouli Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Patchouli Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Patchouli Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Jasmine Absolute (Diluted) CLP SDS
MSDS Jasmine Absolute (Diluted) IFRA Conformity Certificate
MSDS Jasmine Absolute (Diluted) Allergen Declaration
MSDS Lemon Essential Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Lemon Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Grapeseed Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Grapeseed Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS Grapeseed Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Sweet Almond Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Sweet Almond Oil IFRA Certificate
MSDS Sweet Almond Oil Allergen Declaration
Materials / Ingredients