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Large Treasure Chest - Tan

Product code: ColB-40

The Wholesale Large Treasure Chest - Tan effortlessly radiates a distinctive colonial charm, making it a captivating addition to any space. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that, given its artisanal construction, there exists the potential for subtle variations among individual units, ensuring a touch of uniqueness to each piece. Complete uniformity is not guaranteed due to the artisanal crafting process, so anticipating the likelihood of differences in designs, sizes, and finishes is advisable. 

These chests are meticulously constructed using high-quality plywood and an artful blend of diverse materials, attesting to their durability and attention to detail. 

With its warm tan finish exuding an inviting allure, the Large Treasure Chest - Tan stands as a timeless storage option tailored for individuals who hold a deep appreciation for the fusion of simplicity and elegance within their living spaces. The box not only serves as a utilitarian storage solution but also doubles as a charming piece of decor that effortlessly captures the essence of refined taste.

Size: 21cm x 15.5cm x 16cm 

Origin China
Net weight /Chest
Shipping weight 0.645Kg
Dimensions 21x15.5x16 (cm), 5.208L
Materials / Ingredients MDF, Metal
Barcode 5056368333903
Materials / Ingredients