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Double Cotton Bedspread + Wall Hanging - Mono - Elephant Tree

Product code: CBWH-33

Wholesale Double Cotton Bedspread / Wall Hanging - Mono Elephant Tree: Elegance Meets Versatility

This versatile masterpiece is handcrafted to enhance your inventory, offering both artistic elegance and functional flexibility.

🐘 Crafted with precision to serve as both a luxurious bedspread and a captivating wall hanging 

🏡 Ideal for elevating any living space with its intricate Mono Elephant Tree motif 

🌞 Handmade with care, ensuring each piece is a unique work of art

Whether elegantly draped on a bed or proudly displayed on a wall, this piece brings a touch of cultural richness and sophistication to any room. With dimensions of 230cm x 200cm, it's perfect for double beds, elevating the style and comfort of your customers' bedrooms.

Elevate your inventory with a Wholesale Double Cotton Bedspread / Wall Hanging - Mono Elephant Tree. 

Order now and offer your customers an artistic and versatile addition to their living spaces that celebrates elegance and cultural inspiration.

Origin India
Net weight 0,68Kg /wall hanging
Shipping weight 0,68Kg
Dimensions 230x200 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients Cotton
Barcode 5056368328169
Materials / Ingredients