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Tri Hita Karana Bangle Starter Pack

Product code: BBA-ST

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Unique Wholesale Bangles made with intriguing components including genuine aromatic sandalwood beads. Each design is inspired by different elements of the Tri Hita Karnana - explained with an info sheet in each box. Their vibrant colours are eye-catching and the concept fascinating.Tri Hita Karana is the traditional philosophy of life - , popular on the island of Bali, Indonesia and is all about balance. Tri= three, hita=happiness, karana=elements. The elements can be summed up as: God-Humans-Nature. Finding balance between these three leads to happiness and well-being.This jewellery will help your customers to find balance and happiness.  

1x FREE Medium Bangle "T" Stand - Coffee  

display bangle stands, small bangle "T" stand made from natural polyurethane, hand finished to showcase bangles, bracelets and other fashion jewellery. 

These pinnable polyurethane forms are wrapped tightly with twisted natural paper to give a smart and striking natural rattan effect which contrasts with the jewellery to added style and sophistication. 

This Starter Pack Includes: 24 Tri Hita Karana Bangle in Gift Box & FREE display

1x NatJD-03: Medium Bangle "T" Stand - Coffee 

3x BBA-01 Tri Hita Karana Bangle - Believe

3x  BBA-02 Tri Hita Karana Bangle - Appreciation

3x  BBA-03 Tri Hita Karana Bangle - Love 

3x  BBA-04 Tri Hita Karana Bangle - Beauty & Wisdom 

3x  BBA-05 Tri Hita Karana Bangle - Reincarnation 

3x  BBA-06 Tri Hita Karana Bangle - Strength 

3x  BBA-07 Tri Hita Karana Bangle - Acceptance 

3x  BBA-08 Tri Hita Karana Bangle - Balance 

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Origin Indonesia
Net weight 1,2Kg /stater
Shipping weight 0,83Kg
Dimensions 7x19x14 (cm), 1,862L, 0,644Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Stone, glass, wood beads, rattan
Materials / Ingredients