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Female Hop Hare Bamboo Socks Starter S/M

Product code: Bams-ST

Maximise your sales with our news Starter pack. Female Bamboo Socks Starter Pack, You will get 40 pairs of socks, Including 5 FREE pairs + FREE Display.  

This starter pack includes a set of high-quality, sustainable bamboo socks that are designed to provide unmatched comfort and durability. 

The S/M size is suitable for men's shoe sizes ranging from 3.5-6.5.

These bamboo socks are made from premium quality bamboo fiber, which is known for its exceptional softness, moisture-wicking properties, and anti-bacterial features. The bamboo fabric is also highly breathable and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. 

You can offer more choices to your customers, so they can enjoy the benefits of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. Bamboo is a renewable resource that requires minimal water and pesticides to grow, making these socks an environmentally conscious choice.

The starter pack includes 35 pairs of socks + 5 pairs FREE (RRP £34.75) and a FREE Bamboo display tube stand. (RRP £36)  

Bamboo Display Tube Stand 8 Pegs - 68x15cm

With its sleek design, featuring 8 pegs,  this display can hold up to 40 pairs of socks, making it perfect to display different sizes and colours of each pair of socks. The natural colour of the bamboo creates a warm and inviting ambiance, it will add a touch of nature to your shop. 

It can be easily placed on a shelf or displayed on a table, providing a unique and eye-catching addition to your shop. The Bamboo Sock Display is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it perfect for those who are always on the move. Its lightweight and sturdy design allow for easy transportation and storage, making it a must-have for market stalls.

The starter pack Includes:

FREE 1X BDS-02: Bamboo Display Tube Stand 8 Pegs (RRP:£36)

FREE 1x BamS-10F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Bali Buddha S/M (RRP £6.95) 

FREE 1x BamS-11F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Lucky Gemstones S/M (RRP £6.95) 

FREE 1x BamS-14F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Ganesha S/M (RRP £6.95) 

FREE 1x BamS-16F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Psychedelic Evil Eye S/M (RRP £6.95) 

FREE 1x BamS-22F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Purple Buddha & Lotus S/M (RRP £6.95)  

1x BamS-23F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Blue Buddha & Lotus S/M 

2x BamS-01F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Lucky Cats S/M 

2x BamS-03F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Yoga Poses S/M 

2x BamS-04F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Tree of Life S/M 

2x BamS-05F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Mandala Flowers S/M 

2x BamS-06F:  Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Moon Walk S/M 

2x BamS-07F:  Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Meditation S/M 

2x BamS-08F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Red Dragons S/M 

2x BamS-09F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Zodiac S/M 

2x BamS-12F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Ying Yang S/M 

2x BamS-13F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Skulls and Bones S/M 

2x BamS-15F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Dreamcatcher S/M 

2x BamS-17F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Midnight Cat S/M 

4x BamS-18F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Tarot Cards S/M 

2x Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Purple Buddha & Lotus S/M

2x BamS-20F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Pentagram and Evil Eye S/M 

2x BamS-21F: Hop Hare Bamboo Socks - Hocus Pocus S/M 

Order your Hop Hare Socks today and discover the magical experience they offer.

Origin Turkey
Net weight 2.8Kg /Starter
Shipping weight 4.92Kg
Dimensions 68x15x10 (cm), 10.2L, 0.275Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Bamboo, 70% Bamboo 28.5% Nylon 1.5% Elastine
Materials / Ingredients