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24x Small African Tumble Stone - Jasper Nguni

Product code: ATumbleS-06

Captivating Small African Tumble Stone - Jasper Nguni is a natural wonder that encapsulates the essence of Africa's rich geological heritage. Crafted by the forces of nature, it's a rare variety of jasper found in the heart of Africa.

Meticulously polished to reveal its innate brilliance, the Small African Tumble Stone - Jasper Nguni boasts a harmonious blend of earthy hues, ranging from warm terracottas to deep ochres, reminiscent of the African landscape at sunset. 

Jasper Nguni is renowned for its metaphysical properties, believed to emanate grounding energies that foster stability, strength, and a profound connection with the natural world. Each tumble stone is thought to carry the wisdom of ancient African traditions, offering a sense of protection and harmony to those who hold it close.

Whether displayed as an exquisite piece of natural art or carried as a pocket-sized talisman, the Small African Tumble Stone - Jasper Nguni is a testament to Africa's geological wonders and spiritual heritage. 

Size approx : 10 - 30 [mm]/ 333 stones per 1kg

Origin South Africa
Net weight 0.003Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0.07Kg
Materials / Ingredients Gemstone
Barcode 5056368323072
Materials / Ingredients