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Myrrh Resin - 250g

Product code: AResin-24
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Bag £11.90 1 £11.90/bag
Multi £128.55 12 £10.71/bag
Carton £242.80 24 £10.12/bag

Wholesale Myrrh Bulk Resin is obtained from shrubs and trees belonging to the commiphora family. These shrubs are found mainly in the savannah areas of East and North Africa and in the Arabian Peninsula. They are low thorny plants that grow on stony ground. For years, resins have been traditionally obtained by cutting the trunk.

Upon contact with air, the liquid resin quickly solidifies, forming granules, which are then used for healing and fragrance purposes. Myrrh once had a value equal to that of gold, due to its rarity and the difficulty of growing it. Formerly, it served as an item of trade, or a gift, signifying great kindness and respect. Myrrh is characterized by a red-yellow colour, as well as a warm, bitter aroma, which is also the source of its name - in Hebrew "mor" means "bitter".

Sold in 250g packs.

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Origin Somalia
Net weight 0.25Kg /bag
Shipping weight 0.25Kg
Dimensions 20x11 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients Myrrh
Barcode 5056368325014
Materials / Ingredients