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3x Zodiac Fragrance Oil 10ml - CAPRICORN

Product code: ZFO-12

Wholesale Zodiac Fragrance Oil - CAPRICORN - Glaze Lapis Lazuli Fragrance is a 10ml bottle of fragrance oil that is designed to represent the Capricorn zodiac sign. The oil is dark-coloured with bio glitter inside, which is meant to mimic the twinkling stars of the night sky. The Glaze Lapis Lazuli fragrance is carefully selected to amplify the oil's celestial energy. This fragrance enhances Capricorn's sense of purpose while also fortifying their strength and wisdom.

▪️ 10ml bottle of fragrance oil

▪️ Dark-coloured oil with bio glitter

▪️ Glaze Lapis Lazuli fragrance

▪️ Designed to connect with the celestial energy of Capricorn

▪️ Packed in a box 

Glaze Lapis Lazuli Fragrance:

Top notes: Coconut, Raspberry, Pear

Heart notes: Rose, Jasmine, Lily

Base notes: Macaron, Sugar, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood

The astrology market is booming, and this fragrance taps into that trend perfectly. Offer your customers a piece of the celestial magic and position yourself for growth in this exciting category.

Origin United Kingdom
Net weight 0.044Kg /Piece
Shipping weight 0.132Kg
Dimensions 2.5x2.5x6.2 (cm), 0.039L, 1.135Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Di-Propylene Glycol, Parfum
Barcode 5056422992251
Materials / Ingredients