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Everybody loves coffee, everybody loves tea and everybody loves personalised gifts right? So why don’t you start a business with one of the most wanted things in the personalised and promotional market?
With our New Mug Printing Starter Kits you can create and sell your own personalised mugs. In less than two minutes you can make a lovely personalised  mug. Make mugs with pictures of your customers, exotic or historical places, celebrities or whatever you or your customers find amazing.

The possibilities are endless, but here’s a few ideas.

• Make personalised mugs for wedding favours, hey that’s one for each guest.
• Produce a local landmark mug for visitors to buy. Your personally designed souvenir is bound to hit the mark and be a top seller.
• Local businesses all need promoting - a personalised mug with contact details for every customer..

Get the idea? Then go for it...
5x 36 Printable Mugs (180 altogether)
1x 100 Sheets Heat Transfer Paper
1x Special Tape & Dispenser
1x Special Heat Transfer ink
Supplies Starter enough for 180 mugs with paper and ink to spare.
Starting a new business can be hard work - but this is great fun!
For faster production you can buy extra printing machine
If you sell 180 mugs @ £6 = £1080
This repays original investment (machines + supplies) and generates a profit over £300.
Ongoing production is of course even more profitable.
Produce high quality mugs in full vibrant high resolution colours.
For on going supplies go here
If you just need a heat transfer ready printer and ink  reservoirs.
Ink and other supplies here.
Got some questions?
Visit our Technical Support page
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1x Mug Printing Kit
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1x Mug Supplies Starter Kit
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1x HT-BJ004 Mug Printing Machine
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1x Epson R230 Sublimnation Printer & Reservoir
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All the hardware you need to start printing includes:
Epson Heat transfer  Printer, Ink reservoirs and electric Mug Press
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