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Wholesale Ancient Wisdom Fragrance Oils - 10ml
Ancient Wisdom Fragrance oils are not the cheapest - but we believe the best in terms of price to quality. Each outer of 10 oils comes packed in its own cardboard box (as pictured right).
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Please see our Product Info Page for Fragrance Oils Ingredients list.
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Our 10 ml Fragrance Oils last much longer because they are diluted with another oil made from dipropylene glycol (DPG). DPG is is a common carrier oil used to cut fragrance oils to make them more effective. DPG can cause you to get more use from your scented oil but If you prefer to use pure oils then visit our 500ml Fragrance oils.

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AWFO-3310x Lavender (OoS)
AWFO-3410x Lemon & Lime (OoS)
AWFO-3510x Lemongrass
AWFO-3610x Lilac (OoS)
AWFO-3710x Lily Of The Valley (OoS)
AWFO-3810x Mandarin
AWFO-3910x Mango
AWFO-4010x Midnight Rose (OoS)
AWFO-7210x Mulled Wine(Xmas Label) (OoS)
AWFO-4110x Myrrh
AWFO-7310x Myrrh (Xmas Label)
AWFO-4210x Nag Champa
AWFO-4310x Night Magic
AWFO-4510x Orange
AWFO-4410x Orange Blossom (OoS)
AWFO-4610x Passion Fruit (OoS)
AWFO-4710x Patchouli (OoS)
AWFO-4810x Peach
AWFO-4910x Pear Drop
AWFO-5010x Peppermint
AWFO-7910x Pinapple Crush (OoS)
AWFO-5110x Pine
AWFO-5210x Rose Musk
AWFO-5310x Sandalwood (OoS)
AWFO-7410x Sandalwood (Xmas Label)
AWFO-5410x Sea Breeze (OoS)
AWFO-5510x Sensual (OoS)
AWFO-5610x Spice
AWFO-7510x Spice (Xmas Label)
AWFO-5710x Spring Bouquet
AWFO-5810x Strawberry (OoS)
AWFO-5910x Summer Rose (OoS)
AWFO-6010x Sweet Pea
AWFO-6110x Vanilla (OoS)
AWFO-6210x Vanilla Musk (OoS)
AWFO-6310x White Lavender
AWFO-6410x White Musk (OoS)
AWFO-6510x Woodland Walk
AWFO-6610x Ylang-Ylang
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